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Best-selling non-fiction book for UQP

Published: Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

Gunyah, Goondie + Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia
Author: Paul Memmott
UQ Press, 2007

When Europeans first reached Australian shores, a long-held and expedient perception developed that Australian Aboriginal people did not have houses or settlements, that they occupied temporary camps, sheltering in makeshift huts or lean-tos of grass and bark. This book redresses that notion, exploring the range and complexity of Aboriginal-designed structures, spaces and territorial behaviour, from minimalist shelters to permanent houses and villages. Gunyah, Goondie and Wurley encompasses Australian Aboriginal Architecture from the time of European contact to the work of the first Aboriginal graduates of university-based courses in architecture, bringing together in one place a wealth of images and research.

Paul Memmott's 'Gunyah, Goondie + Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia' has been listed as the "best-selling non-fiction book for UQ Press"‚Äč.