Aboriginal Environments Research Centre

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About Us

The Aboriginal Environments Research Centre (AERC) is a research centre based in the School of Architecture at the University of Queensland (Australia).

It was originally established in 1976 as the 'Aboriginal Data Archive' (ADA). The ADA's resources were gradually established throughout the 1970s and 80s by Prof Paul Memmott, who operated a consulting practice in Aboriginal projects.

In 1993, the nature of services offered by this Unit had evolved to such a point that the decision was made to expand it into a Research Centre entitled the 'Aboriginal Environments Research Centre' or AERC. The Centre was formally recognised by the University of Queensland as deserving 'Category 1' status in 1995. In early 1997, Dr Paul Memmott was appointed by the University to a quarter-time Associate Professorship in order that he might expand the research activities and teaching conducted by the AERC. Dr Memmott's fractional appointments were extended until 2007, and in 2008 he commenced working full-time for the centre.

The AERC performs four functions: it is a research, a teaching centre, an archive and engages in consultancy. The centre's work focuses on the cultures and environments of Indigenous peoples.