Aboriginal Environments Research Centre

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The AERC is a centre for academic research on Indigenous culture, environments and architecture. The centre has gained widespread recognition from Architecture and Anthropology Departments within Australian Universities, as well as from a range of government agencies and Indigenous organisations.

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Regular teaching on Indigenous culture and environment is provided in the School of Architecture by the Director and the other AERC staff and associates.


The AERC also functions as a resource centre, housing an extensive collection of data focused specifically on Australian Indigenous groups, their cultures and environments. The archive contains a wide variety of material including bibliographies and associated collections of literature, manuscripts, digital & still photographs, slides, maps, genealogies, interview material, cassette recordings, video footage and other types of data which are an invaluable resource for postgraduate students, visiting researchers and consulting projects.

A bibliographic database on Housing, Architecture and Community Planning, containing both text and an extensive range of images, is available at the AERC.

The AERC Reference Library initially supported by Alf and Di Long between 2002-2005 contains a research reference collection.

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