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Darwin & Palmerston Indigenous Itinerants

Indigenous community organisations have been concerned for many years with issues related to Indigenous 'itinerants' living throughout the Northern Territory. In the Darwin and Palmerston areas there are a number of people, many of whom are Indigenous, that are from remote communities who are living an 'itinerant' lifestyle. There are concerns about their use of alcohol, health, well-being and social behaviour. Also of concern is the effect of this group's behaviour on the lives of their relatives and acquaintances residing in the Darwin and Palmerston area. Indigenous community organisations acknowledge the involvement and concerns of government and non-government agencies, and welcome the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in addressing the above issues.

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  • 2001
Project Contacts
    Project Team: 
  • Shaneen Fantin
  • "The 'Long Grassers': A Strategic Report on Indigenous 'Itinerants' in the Darwin and Palmerston Area." [Three Volumes prepared for Territory Housing, Territory Health Services and ATSIC. Co-authored with S. Fantin.] 2001