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Violence in Indigenous Communities

The Commonwealth Government has stated that it is committed to addressing the issues of crime and violence in Australia. An important focus of National Crime Prevention (NCP), the Commonwealth's crime prevention program, has been to identify the priorities for violence prevention in Indigenous communities, where statistics show it is occurring at disproportionately high rates when compared to the Australian population as a whole. In 1998, PMA was commissioned to undertake research into this situation and the programs being implemented in response to it.

  • To identify priorities concerning the prevention of violence in Indigenous communities through a review of literature and through consultations with key stakeholders across disciplines and sectors;
  • To develop a strategic framework to incorporate policy recommendations designed to address the prevention of violence in Indigenous communities, and proposals on how to implement the policy recommendations;
  • To produce recommendations explicitly designed to inform the development of at least one demonstration project that would centre on the prevention of violence in Indigenous communities.
  • Complete
  • 1998 to 2001
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  • Commonwealth Government, National Crime Prevention Program
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