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AERC Researcher awarded ARC Indigenous Discovery Grant

Published: Friday, 8 November, 2013


Left to right: Carroll Go-Sam, Jane Hunter, Mark Moran and Paul Memmot (seated)

Discovery Indigenous Award recipient, Carroll Go-Sam from Aboriginal Environments Research (AERC) along with Professors Mark Moran, Paul Memmott and Jane Hunter have won the University of Queensland’s first ever Discovery Indigenous grant. The project is the first architectural and regional planning grant of its kind to be won by an Indigenous graduate in architecture in Australia.

The project Defining the Impact of Regionalism on Aboriginal Housing and Settlement aims to analyse, quantify and improve our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing needs. It will develop a regional knowledge-base to needs assessment by creating an interactive mapping interface to sharpen focus on what is a blurred picture of the true extent of overcrowding, tenant demand, housing stock status and regional governance.

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