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Carroll Go-Sam

  • B. Arch (Hons) UQLD
  • A descendant of Dyirbal people of Far North Queensland
  • Discovery Indigenous Award

  • Researcher / Manager

Email: c.gosam@uq.edu.au
Phone: 07 3365 7381
Location: 51-517


Carroll Go-Sam

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Carroll Go-Sam is the recipient of an ARC Discovery Indigenous Award (2014-2016) along with Professors Mark Moran, Paul Memmott and Jane Hunter. The project Defining the Impact of Regionalism on Aboriginal Housing and Settlement aims to analyse, quantify and improve our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing needs. It will develop a regional knowledge-base to needs assessment by creating an interactive mapping interface to sharpen focus on what is a blurred picture of the true extent of overcrowding, tenant demand, housing stock status and regional governance. By establishing a comprehensive knowledge-base through the development of innovative search, retrieval and visualisation services, the project will generate a single online data model integrating qualitative and quantitative data with text based publications. This knowledge-base will be compared against selected case studies from remote, rural and urban regions, in order to identify the most significant factors impacting on housing needs across different regions.