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Dr Angela Kreutz

B. Planning & Design (Hons1) UMelb, Master of Architecture, UOStuttgart, UQ PhD

Year Graduated: 

Currently Working: 
Youth and Environments Research Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Angela Kreutz with children from Cherbourg Aboriginal community


Angela is currently living in Munich, Germany with her partner, Luke and son, Hugo. Angela Kreutz is a DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow at the Children, Youth and Environments Research Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. She has been offered a contract by Routledge to publish her thesis as a book.

Thesis Title: 
Munu gukooreree: Aboriginal children’s use and experience of space and place in Cherbourg


Aboriginal children’s movement through and use of space and place has rarely been subjected to systematic and in-depth study in Australia. Angela’s thesis presents the first empirical study on Australian Aboriginal children’s environments from within the multidisciplinary field of children and the environment. The overall significance of the thesis lies within its combined academic and practical contributions. On the one hand, the research contributes to the literature on children’s environments and to specific theoretical constructs and conceptual models from environmental psychology and ecological psychology by empirically examining these ideas within a distinct cross-cultural setting, while on the other hand, the research yields significant insight with respect to the design of Aboriginal children’s environments for planners, architects and landscapers.